Ideals and Realities Youth Empowerment Foundation

Ideals and Realities Youth Empowerment Foundation (IRYEF), is a youth development organization dedicated to mentorship, capacity building, life skills development, and vocational training for vulnerable young people in Nigeria.

IRYEF is fueled by the desire to build a better future for the youths; through education, orientation, entrepreneurship and leadership values critical to personal and societal transformation. IRYEF primarily works with youth between the ages of 14-25, in Nigeria.

IRYEF exists to bridge the gap between the prospects of youths and achievement of the older class to ensure a sustainable future.

Since its inception in 2012, the foundation has created and implemented innovative human capital development solutions to facilitate the social, educational, and economic advancements of youths.

At the core of IRYEF activities is leadership development and Civic engagement.


To empower youths to live a better, productive and more purposeful life.


To create a better world where young people are meaningfully engaged, harnessing their skills/talents unhindered through education, mentorship, advocacy and skills development.


81% of alumni surveyed say that IRYEF has made a profound and lasting impact on their lives.

65% reports more civic awareness and commitment to building their communities.

2000 High school students sharpened their leadership skills through IRYEF training.

50+ youth ambassadors.

IRYEF started as a direct intervention to address the high incidence of teenage pregnancy and school drop-outs in our community.

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Austine Okorodudu


Lucky Enakirerhi

Head of Operations

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Head Programs &Training

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